Private meetups for the leadership
of tech companies
We help each other build great processes and culture
Kyiv, Minsk
Meetings where experienced people discuss real challenges
We showcase a company's processes and culture and discussing them, we provide value for both the attendees and the company

We've already visited
Adobe, Grammarly, Macpaw, Wix, OLX
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Groups are formed around challenges
  • Similar growth stage
  • Same business model
  • Similar head count
  • No competitors or partner
Meetings are small and private
Guest list limited to 5
We invite exceptional people and create settings to hear their questions and thought
Meeting in the office of the company we talk about
We put discussion into the context
Full privacy
Private talks are nothing like public events.
Guests and hosts do not record anything
Our team
Igor Sokolov
Managing Partner

Co-founder and CEO at Maged
Anna Yatel
Kyiv marketing stream,
ex-CMO Depositphotos
Tanya Aulachynskaya
Minsk product stream,
Lead Product Manager at PandaDoc
Denys Kulyk
Kyiv product stream,
Product Manager at Grammarly
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